GreenLight SIM™

GreenLight SIM™ is a state of the art virtual simulator designed to train urologic surgeons to utilize GreenLight ™ laser surgical procedures optimally. Developed by UMN CREST for American Medical Systems to act and feel as close to the actual procedure as possible.


This platform was built using advanced simulation algorithms, based on real laser-tissue interaction.

Designed to reduce and define the learning curve for new users, and provides warm-up and rehearsal for the occasional user.

Hardware was developed with Advance Design & Systems (ADS)  to allow the user a perfect analog to the scope with free movement with haptic feedback.

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6 Prostate Cases:

Small Normal; Median Lobe; Median Bar; Small Fibrous; Trilobar; Prominant Apex

5 Training Subtasks:

Anatomy Identification; Fiber Sweep Speed; Fiber-to-Tissue Distance; Bleeder Coagulation; Power Setting & Tissue Response


Performance can be tracked at individual programs.

Web-based user interface to record and compare scores between institutions across the world.