Foley Placement Trainer

The Foley Placement Trainer project is aimed to reduce the health and financial burden associated with Urethral Catheterization related complications by introducing a high-fidelity UC simulator, with a high-quality multi-scenariosimulation-based curriculum, and a UC-specific objective structured assessment of technical skills (UC-OSATS) tool.


Up to 25% of hospitalized patients undergo UC. Inappropiate UC can result in infectious complications such as urinary tract infection, urethral injury, urethral stricture,  gross hematuria, urinary leakage, accidental catheter removal, bladder stones, and even bladder cancer.

This simulator will be more true to life than any current simulator and will include integrated feedback devices to enhance training and assessment.

The physical trainer will replicate the urethra, bladder and related structures based on a typical patient, with accurate anatomic structures, proper tissue behaviors and all necessary cues to elicit the correct behaviors from the trainees.


The project will result in a combined curriculum, assessment tool and physical trainer.

Allows for both technical skills and supporting decision making to be trained in parallel.

Will feature urethral variations, approached with standard and suprapubic catheterizations: Enlarged prostate; Urethral Stricture; External Meatal Stricture; Spastic External Sphincter; Bladder Neck Contraction



Highly detailed individual structures developed to form partial and complete male and female pelvic anatomies.

Project will result in the creation of the next generation, gold-standard of UC trainers, which will be used to train both nurses and doctors to optimally perform the UC procedure.