Advanced Modular Manikin™ Phase 1

The Advanced Modular Manikin™ project is a collaborative effort between the Department of Defense, UW CREST and industry producers. The goal is to create a standardized blueprint for developing segmented body parts that can universally join together, forming one multi-purpose manikin to fit the needs of any desired scenario.


The Standard Surgical Manikin™ has one or more limited functions, often expensive, heavy, cumbersome, and outdated.

The Advanced Modular Manikin™ can have limitless functions, and is variable with competing prices. Detachability makes it much easier to carry and store.

This will be the required standard, with easily swappable modules and endless variation.

Defined body shapes and sizes with standardized connection ports allow parts to fit seamlessly with other modules.

Modules are self-contained part-task trainers, swappable and can feature disposable organs.

Data moves freely across borders and connects to external peripherals, like monitors, speakers, and scent machines. Virtual patients act as individual modules and sync with physical counterparts.


Modules can exist as stand-alone simulators, set with a standard plug. Internal devices communicate with other hardware via Wifi, Bluetooth and RF ID.

When connected, data flows through a closed loop communication.

Designed in a standard form, with connections and data communications for the medical community and simulation field.