CREST is the Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies, and is devoted to advancing the current state of medical training and patient education.

Originally created by Dr. Robert Sweet as a research and development lab to supplement SIMPORTAL, the medical simulation facility for the University of Minnesota, CREST has grown in size and prominence. After nearly a decade with UMN, Dr. Sweet accepted a position at the University of Washington and brought the CREST with him to continue their work, this time with UW WISH.

CREST consists of a talented team versed in Simulator Development, Material Science, Digital Animation, Mechanical Engineering, Traditional Art, and Medical Training, eagerly working alongside industry partners and hospital staff of all levels.

The team has created VR surgical trainers, educational software, clinical apps, part-task trainers, simple tissue analogs and helps to conduct validation studies. CREST also works to develop these by acquiring tissue property data for our Human Tissue Property Database.